Device Identification

This document describes how to identify a touchscreen device attached to a system.

Identification of a touch device may be required to determine what device is actually connected to a system or as part of a troubleshooting exercise to try and determine why touch is not working or may be needed to help configure a device to be supported by our driver.

When a USB device is connected to a system details of the device will appear in the hardware device list for the specific operation system. The most important information as far as the driver is concerned is the USB vendor and product id as it is these values that are used by the driver to register itself as the handling driver for the device so the values listed must match the values held by the driver for that device.

When a serial device is connected to a system nothing is shown other than the serial port it is connected to.

For USB devices select the operating system below for further instructions. For serial devices select the serial identification document.