Studio One

Studio One supports TUIO interface and Commander software ships with a Studio One preset.

Performing 2 finger taps on certain areas of the application will cause Studio One version 6 to freeze until a right click is performed.  
This seems to be a 'hard' issue and repeatable on a number of systems.
This issue has also been seen intermittently in version 5 but not in all cases.
We believe this to be a bug in SO that we have reported to the developers.

After you have added Studio One in to the Application list you need to run the following steps:

  1.  In Studio One, open its preferences (i.e. pick the menu Studio One > Preferences)
  2. In Studio One's preferences, select the General section, and then the "Touch Input" tab
  3. Make sure "Enable TUIO multi-touch devices" is checked, and the UDP port is set to 3333
  4. Change "Connect multi-touch device with monitor number" to the correct number for your touch monitor. If in doubt, simply move the preferences window to the correct monitor and click "This".
  5. Touches should now control Studio One. If you try to pick menus in its menu bar using touches, you may see this dialog appear:

We also found that certain windows in Studio One don't work with TUIO touches, including the windows for VST plugins unless accessibility access is granted.