UPDD test program

The UPDD test program is available to test the driver's API and TUIO interfaces and is normally shipped and installed with the driver, and the source is available here.

This source is for version UPDD Test 1.4.6, dated 11th July 2022.

This source code needs to be processed with Qt's tools, either qmake or Qt Creator.

When compiling in Windows, the resultant executable will need access to upddapi.dll. Rather than copy this file from the UPDD folder and make a 2nd copy to your current working directory, it is our recommendation that the working directory should be set to the UPDD application folder. This can be accomplished in Qt Creator using the following steps:

Switch to "Projects" mode
Select "Build & Run" > Run
Set the working directory field to: C:\Program Files (x86)\UPDD