Driver Notifications

The driver will issue various notifications during the operation of the software.

The driver utilises its own notification function that is handled by the UPDD Daemon process and mimics the standard system notification format for the OS, such as this UPDD notification issued on a Mac system:

Notifications fall into 3 categories, General, warnings and critical as described below

 General:  General status messages
 Warning:  Used to inform when user intervention might be needed for a configuration setting
 Critical:  Informs when evaluation limits are exceeded or there is a critical issue blocking the operation of the driver 

 The list of issued notifications is described below.

Category Notification  Description 
 General UPDD device connected A UPDD device has been discovered
  UPDD device disconnected A UPDD device has been disconnected
  Identifying monitors; please don't use touch or mouse Windows - Driver is setting up monitor metrics in multi monitor setup
  Monitor identification complete Windows - Multi-monitor setup complete
  Monitor assignment requires a reboot Windows - Reboot is required to complete monitor assignment
 Warning Please run identify, click here for more information There is a possibility that the touch/desktop association is incorrect
  Change of OS version, UPDD update may be required. Click here to close
Updated OS could adversly affect touch functionality
  No mouse interface; reboot may be required Windows - mouse interface (tbupddsu) connection can not be opened
  No touch interface; reboot may be required Windows - touch interface (upddvh) connection can not be opened.
This may be as a result of a missing TabletInputService.
The tablet component is deemed to exist if the registry entry HKLM\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\services\TabletInputService branch exists.
If this does not exist, you may need to enable it in the system.
  No devices connected Issued by Calibrate if no devices are found
 Critical Failed to activate the UPDD System Extension. MacOS - Issued if the UPDD System Extension cannot be activated
  Failed to deactivate the UPDD System Extension MacOS - Issued if the UPDD System Extension cannot be deactivated
  Unable to register KEXT, click here for more information MacOS - Issued if the UPDD kernal extension (kext) can not be loaded
  nnn touch limited expired; reboot to continue Evaluation touch session limits have been reached
  The evaluation period has expired Evaluation time limit has been reached
  Evaluation: 20 touches remain until restart needed Warning that the evaluation touch session limit is near completion
  The package license has expired The installer validity date has expired
  License check failed The license key is not related to the software bundle installed
  Config error no hidrd Error reading touch configuration data from HID touch device

Some notifications need to be acknowledged before they are removed from the screen. Some will also indicate that they will show additional support information once acknowledged. These notifications carry the text 'click here for more information'. If the system is online your default browser will be invoked to show the relevent support article.

Disabling notifications

General and warning notifications can be disabled if required using the setting minimum_notify_level in the UPDD Console, Advanced, Setting dialog or by using the command

upddutils nodevice set minimum_notify_level n

when n = 1 issue warning and critical only, 2 critical only. Any other value implies 0 - all notifications are issued.