This section holds the various advanced functions, under the headings of General, Settings and Tools.

These three tabs are shown for both General and Device entries, as described below.

The main difference is that the 'Settings' tab will either show the Global settings or selected Device settings


Allows you to adjust Edge Acceleration and Segmentation.

The segmentation setting is a global setting, irrespective of being defined in the 'All Devices' entry or within one of the device entries - it updates the same global setting.



Shows the full list of user settings related to either the individual device (device settings) or General (Global) selection that can be changed directly if required.

Selecting the General entry in the device list will show the global (no device) settings.

Selecting a device entry in the device list will show the relevant device settings as seen below.

Selecting an individual entry in the settings will show a description of the setting and its use in the lower area of the screen.



Offers option to export and import settings.