Touch interface

The device setting active_touch_interface indicates the system interface associated with this device.  

This setting is by default blank so that the driver will automatically utilise one if the touch interfaces supported by the driver to post touch data.

If you are writing an application that wants to handle the touch for this device change this value to an arbitrary value, unknown to the driver, such that it will not post touch data received from the device into the OS. 

If your application is going to change this setting you should observe these rules. 

  1. Only set this value if it is blank or currently set to a value the current program might set or this is an explicit request from a user action (changing a setting in a dialog for example). 
  2. Set this value to a relevant value (e.g. xxxx) if the current program intents to pass touch actions to the OS (but observe rule 1). 
  3. Set this value to a relevant value (eg xxxx-disabled) if the current program can pass touch actions to the OS but this option is not currently enabled (but observe rule 1)
  4. Only pass touch events to the OS if the value of this setting is that in option 2. 

Observing these rules will allow multiple programs to co-exist.