Serial identification

To supply a driver for a serial device we need to try and identify the device manufacturer, the touch controller ID or failing that to capture the serial data output when the serial touchscreen is touched.

If the touch screen is attached to a monitor, then it may be possible to identify the touch device from the manufacturer and model number of the monitor by referring to our supported touch monitor list on our download page.

If the monitor is not listed, other clues as to its identification could be any labels on the touch screen controller board (if accessible) or any old drivers that may have been supplied originally with the touch device.

Failing the obvious ways to identify the device, then another way to identify it is to capture some raw touch data and email to Touch-Base such that we can cross-reference the captured data with our controller configuration database to see if we can find a matching sequence.

Prior to attempting to capture some data, it is important to ensure you can identify the serial device in the system and prove that data is being seen at the port. Testing serial devices and capturing serial data is described here.

Once we have a reasonable idea of the serial device is use, we can send a test driver to try that has built in diagnostics tools to further help identify the device if it does not work.