Enter license key

Use this option to manually enter a registration or license key.

Select Register from the UPDD Daemon menu, as per this MacOS menu bar example:

then the 'Enter a license key' option:

License key

A licence key, typically 13 digits long, can be used to convert a trial version of the driver to a full production version.

A license key represents an available license on our license server waiting to allocated to a system.

If the system is online the license will be approved and the software will be licensed.

If the system is offline it will enter an offline retrieval procedure and general a URL link which you enter into a browser on an online system. This will then return a Registration key that is entered into the above dialog on the offline system and the software will be licensed.

Registration key

The offline order process is used to generate registration data for a system that is not connected to the internet. At the end of the offline procedure you will have generated a registration key that can be entered here on the target system. It can only be entered on the system used in the offline procedure.