Driver registration

The UPDD driver is licensed software. An unlicensed driver will run in evaluation mode which comes with certain restrictions until it is licensed via a registration process.

For unlicensed drivers that include the UPDD Daemon menu you can use the Register option to register the driver, as seen in this MacOS example:

The UPDD Daemon menu icon is found in the macOS menu bar or the Window/Linux system tray.

If the UPDD Daemon menu is not available then you can use the Register option of the command line interface.

It is not shown if the driver is licensed because: 

  • You have been supplied a full production, pre-licensed version of the driver
  • The supplied driver has automatically claimed a pre-allocated license from our on-line license server
  • The driver has been previously manually licensed

There are two main register options, the standard default method that uses a License key and a specialised one uses a Registration key. The software will be pre-configured to select the relevant registration method.

Registration key method

For some pre-licensed software a Registration key is issued that can be used to license the software as described here.

Licence key method

This allows you to select a method to register your non-registered driver using a license key as follows:

Automatically order  To purchase a driver license for a system that is on-line 
Claim  To manually claim a 'waiting' license - will not be shown if software is configured to automatically claim a pre-allocated license.
Offline To purchase a driver license for a system that is offline
Enter a license key To enter a supplied license key

In some cases, for a system that is on-line, a license key will be automatically retrieved once available.
If your system is behind any form of security layer preventing access to our license server and you would like to white list our license server, the domain is, ip address If your system security procedures do not allow this you will have to use the offline option.

Select Register to start the registration process.  You will now be presented with the registration dialog:

Select the option most appropriate to your situation: