AWWapp Whiteboard

The AWWapp web whiteboard is ..."A Web Whiteboard is a touch-friendly online whiteboard app that makes drawing, collaboration and sharing easy".

This app works very well in Windows browsers but doesn't respond well to the Mac's gesture and scroll events. It uses scroll events to zoom in and out, so two finger drag produces strange results, and using a pinch gesture causes the whole page to zoom in and out rather than just the drawing.

Fortunately the website responds properly to browser touch events (which is why it works so well in Windows), so on the Mac it works correctly in Chrome or Firefox when used in conjunction with our TUIO browser extension and the "Browsers (TUIO)" preset.

However, the TUIO interface does not allow you to interact with the function keys along the top and either side of the of the drawing area so you need to use the UI Element advanced options for the scroll UI element to limit the drawing area by defining edge limiters such that the TUIO controlled area only functions in the main drawing area, as per the example here for the Chrome scroll area:.

This restricts TUIO interface to the drawing area shown in blue and allows the function buttons to be used.

Unfortunately there are are still some issues. For example, selecting the rectangle button a popup menu to appear over the drawable area which unfortunately does not respond to TUIO touches.

Also, using a two finger drag to scroll the drawable area causes one finger drags to no longer paint. Switching to a different tool and then back to the pencil allows you to draw again.