Commander change history 

Date Version Changes
 7 July 2020  1.0.22 (Windows only) Added Keystroke gesture action
(Windows only) Added mouse gesture actions: click, double click, click and drag, move mouse cursor
(Windows only) Added Task View gesture action
(Windows only) Added Show Desktop gesture action
(Windows only) Added Pass Touches to Windows gesture action
(Windows only) Fixed names of displays in the TUIO client settings
 26 June 2020  1.0.21 Fixed a bug that would prevent "Select next performed gesture" from working
Fixed a bug that would stop TUIO servers from working after launching the app
Press gestures can no longer occur if fingers have moved too far from their starting point
More accurate output in the log concerning when gesture actions are being performed
 13 May 2020  1.0.20 Improved detection and stability of pinch and expand gestures
All double tap gestures can now have their time limit adjusted individually
Fixed bug where performing two taps each using a different number of fingers could cause the second one to be erroneously detected as a double tap
Fixed bug where a delayed tap (due to the possibility of a double tap) would be canceled if another gesture was performed before the double tap time limit is reached
Added timestamps to the output window
Fixed rare crash that could occur with invalid settings
 24 April 2020  1.0.19 Default edge swipe gesture for showing the Dock is automatically adjusted to match the position of the Dock
UI elements now have separate settings for inheriting gestures from All Applications or a matching UI element under All Applications
Gesture actions now have tool tips that provide more information about their effect
Decreased the default maximum distance that the start of an edge swipe gesture can be from the edge of the screen and added a setting for changing this threshold
Minor under-the-hood bug fixes
 8 April 2020  1.0.18 Improved detection of 3+ finger rotate gestures
The "Show / Hide Dock" gesture action can now show the Dock when working with a full screen application
 27 Mar 2020  1.0.17 Removal of desktop debug file 'UC debug.txt' accidentally introduced with 1.0.16
 20 Mar 2020  1.0.16 Added gesture actions for showing and hiding the Dock
"Send command to element" gesture action now searches up the element hierarchy for elements that can perform the action
Applications and app groups can have UI element detection disabled. (Fix for apps that are slow to respond to UI element queries)
Will no longer recursively search for UI elements when the reported element underneath of a gesture is null. (Fix for Pro Tools / Ozone)
Click and drag gesture action will no longer pan the screen when it is zoomed
Added feature for saving a diagonstic file that contains a recording of touch input
 29 Feb 2020  1.0.15 Added gesture actions for zooming the screen and moving the screen while zoomed
Added gesture action for sending a command directly to a UI element
Fixed a bug where file dialog locations wouldn't be saved
Fixed a bug where repeating keystroke actions would work if the gesture was progressing too slowly
Fixed a bug where UPDD Commander may not deactivate itself while UPDD Annotate is running
Added 'Dock' specific preset with tailored gesture and actions to cater for magnified dock
 18 Feb 2020 1.0.14 Improved method for showing the Accessibility Keyboard in macOS 10.15 that works much more consistently
Fixed crash that could occur at startup if UPDD Commander's settings are corrupted
Fixed bug where disconnected devices would be considered for TUIO left-to-right order
 3 Feb 2020 1.0.13 Fixed issue that prevented UPDD Commander from automatically launching
Fixed crash when running as a daemon in Mac OS X 10.7
Fixed crash when adding or selecting UI elements
 31 Jan 2020 1.0.12 Gesture settings are now stored in user preferences. Removing or reordering applications when there is large number of gestures is now instant and no longer freezes the app for a period of time.
Presets are automatically added for applications that are already installed on the system.
Can now import settings by executing UPDD Commander from the command line with the argument --import
Accessibility Keyboard option hidden in macOS 10.12 and earlier
 22 Jan 2020 1.0.11 Fixed bug where some UI elements wouldn't be seen as clickable
Decreased default search radius for clickable UI elements to 15 pixels / points
Added dialog checking to make sure the user wants to remove an application or application group
Added setting to only automatically toggle the on-screen keyboard when using a touch device
 10 Jan 2020 1.0.10 Fix bug where the on-screen keyboard wouldn't automatically appear for some text areas (e.g. composing a message in Apple Mail)
Fix bug where "click nearest" would interfere with trying to click certain menu bar icons that don't report themselves as clickable
Fixed UI elements for Firefox and Finder's desktop
 3 Jan 2020 1.0.9 Compatible with UPDD 6.0.559 and above
Settings for "click nearest", "drag distance", "press time", "press visualisation", and "double tap time" are now application-wide and can be overridden on a per-gesture basis
Settings load times are now much faster
Gesture settings can now include unicode characters
UI elements defined by type can now have custom labels too
Various bug fixes and improvements
13 Dec 2019 1.0.8 Can now process gestures from TUIO touches using TUIO client functionality
Using more reliable method for showing the Accessibility Keyboard in macOS 10.15 and later
Removed option for using defunct on-screen keyboard in macOS 10.15 and later
Fixed bug where taps would fail to detect when the UPDD is set to "point & click" mode
27 Nov 2019 1.0.7 Fixed bug where gestures would occasionally be invisible in the settings window
Miscellaneous minor under-the-hood bug fixes
25 Nov 2019 1.0.6  "Convert to TUIO" can be configured the same regardless of which application its added to
Last location used in file browser dialogs is remembered between app invocations
Fixed crash when converting touches to TUIO while "send TUIO packets at the same rate as the UPDD" is enabled
UPDD gesture events now includes gesture phase
The field in the keystroke action's editor now prompts the user to type a keystroke
Application-wide settings are now stored in the UPDD's settings using a simpler structure
Can now use Command+W to close windows
Fixed bug that could cause the settings window to open at inappropriate times
15 Nov 2019 1.0.5 Fixed crash when performing scroll gesture actions in macOS 10.9 and earlier
Fixed crash when right clicking an empty part of the gesture list while gestures are selected
Fixed crash that could occur when converting touches to TUIO
Fixed bug where two finger drag gestures would never end when "Allow switching between gestures with same number of fingers" is enabled. (Fixes two finger scrolling in
Fixed bug where keystroke gestures with "repeat keystroke as gesture progresses" enabled could cause keystrokes to fire very rapidly
Fixed bug where keystroke gestures with "repeat keystroke as gesture progresses" enabled could cause modifier keys to get stuck down
Fixed missing application name in an error dialog
Fixed bug where dragging gestures would behave incorrectly when the gesture list is filtered
Fixed bug where the press visualisation could cause the application to become unhidden
25 Oct 2019 1.0.4 Fixed crash that can occur when TUIO setting "Send packets at the same rate as the UPDD" is enabled
Fixed TUIO setting "Divide X axis evenly between..."
Less likely for UPDD Commander to erroneously detect its Finder icon was opened after installation
Added item to menu bar icon menu for restarting UPDD Commander
22 Oct 2019 1.0.3 Added a touch setting for allowing touches to wake up the display
Fixed bug where modifier keys would get stuck down after a "keystroke" action
"Convert touches to TUIO" can now be added along with other gestures
Fixed a crash at launch in macOS 10.11 and earlier
17 Oct 2019 1.0.2 Fixed bug where systems with a non-English system language would fail to detect which UI element contained a gesture
8 Oct 2019 1.0.1 Added feature for calibrating pressure on pressure-enabled devices
Fixed bug where scrolling momentum wouldn't work properly in windows with horizontal and vertical scroll bars
Fixed bug where touch devices wouldn't be detected right after installing the UPDD
16 Sept 2019 1.0.0 Initial version for Mac OS