Driver Notifications

The driver will issue various notifications during the operation of the software.

The driver utilises its own notification function that is handled by the UPDD Daemon process and mimics the standard system notification format for the OS, such as this UPDD notification issued on a Mac system:

Notifications fall into 3 categories, General, warnings and critical as described below

 General:  General status messages
 Warning:  Used to inform when user intervention might be needed for a configuration setting
 Critical:  Informs when evaluation limits are exceeded or there is a critical issue blocking the operation of the driver 

 The list of issued notifications is described below.

Category Notification  Description 
 General  UPDD device connected  A UPDD device has been discovered
   UPDD device disconnected  A UPDD device has been disconnected
 Warning  Please run configure  There is a possibility that the touch/desktop association is incorrect
   Evaluation: 20 touches remain until restart needed  Heads up that evaluation touch session limit is near completion
 Critical  Unable to register KEXT  Issued if a MacOS KEXT can not be loaded
     Failure to connect to the driver
     No UPDD devices found
   nnn touch limited expired  Evaluation touch session limits have been reached
   The evaluation period has expired  Evaluation time limit has been reached
   The package license has expired  The installer validity date has expired
   License check failed  

Disabling notifications

General and warning notifications can be disabled if required using the setting minimum_notify_level by using the command

upddutils nodevice set minimum_notify_level n

when n = 1 issue warning and critical only, 2 critical only. Any other value implies 0 - all notifications are issued.