This section lists a few useful commands to check everything is working as required or identify the problem area.

USB configuration

The driver is custom built for specific touch devices and will only work if an appropriate device is connected to the system.  
For USB the device is identified via the USB vendor and product id.  
The ‘upddutils usbdevices’ command will list the USB devices on the system, or use the LSUSB system command.
The ‘upddutils devices’ command will indicate if a device has been detected.
The 'upddutils pnpinfo' command will indicate what devices are supported in the installed driver.

Other commands can be used to show the device is working , such as ‘upddutils digitizer_events’ to show touch data received from the controller:

Running the driver
Only do this if you have run the installation steps and NOT restarted the system or you suspect the driver is not running. After a restart the driver should be working.

System command 'ps | grep -i updd' can be used to list the UPDD processes that are running.

To manually run the driver in a terminal emulator
cd /system/vendor/updd
./upddenv ./updd -e

The terminal emulator will now be running the driver and will not respond. You should open another terminal emulator window to enter other commands.

Check the driver is activated
Run the command line interface utility to check that the driver is activated and the API interface is working.

cd /system/vendor/updd
./upddenv ./upddutils devices 

Using the 'devices' option should list the touch device and the terminal emulator should return to the prompt.

You might see an error at this point. For example "unable to open connection to driver" suggests that the driver is not running.

If you have run the driver manually as above recheck you did this correctly.

If you have modified the system to start the driver check this is running as expected. i.e. if you modified init.rc; you should start by checking the entry in this file.

If all is okay you will see your touch device listed.

If not...

Check the driver supports the USB touch device

cd /system/vendor/updd
./upddenv ./upddutils pnpinfo

this lists the USB devices supported by this package.

Driver debugging
If you are having no luck and you need to contact Touch-Base support we would like to be sent a driver debug log at the start of this process.
To generate this log execute the commands:
cd /system/vendor/updd
./upddenv ./upddutils filedebug 3 

The log file /data/data/updd/updd.log will be created.

If this command fails, such as upddutils unable to communicate with the driver, you will have to create and edit updd.ini as described here to create the bootstrap log at system startup.