MacOS mouse emulation debug tool

For difficult to identify touch behavior issues, especially related to mouse emulation there is a click events test tool that can be used to capture the low level mouse interface protocol. This will only be necessary to run if requested by Touch-Base technical support.

 Here are the instructions on how to use the tool that will help us debug such issues:

  1.  Download Event Taps Testbench from here:

  2. When launching it for the first time, you will have to grant it permission to use accessibility features. To do so, follow the directions in the dialog that appears after launching it.

  3. Once it has been granted permission, click the "Add" button to open the window for creating a tap

  4. Check "Left Mouse Down", "Left Mouse Up", "Left Mouse Dragged", "Mouse Moved", and "Append at Tail":

  5. Click "Install" and close the tap window

  6. Click "Event History". A window will open that will rapidly fill with data as you move the mouse pointer

    This screenshot illustrates steps 7-12

  7. Using the touch screen, tap "Clear"

  8. Trigger the bug by dragging on the desktop in a diagonal direction moving down and right

  9.  If the bug did not trigger, go back to step 7 and try again.

  10. If the bug did trigger, tap "Pause"

  11. Click the log in the Event History window and select all of its text, i.e. pick the menu Edit > Select All or type command-a

  12. Copy the contents of the log, i.e. pick the menu Edit > Copy, or type command+c

  13. Open the application TextEdit

  14. In a new document paste the contents of the log into the document, i.e. pick Edit > Paste or type command+v

  15. Save the document and sent it as requested.