Accessibility issues

Under MacOS 10.13 and 10.14 some UPDD components need to be granted permission to access the system but a number of issues have been reported.

No touch in normal use but UPDD Test OK

Users reported that touch did not work in normal use but with UPDD Test all appeared to be OK. Whilst test was active, touch on the desktop also worked.

This is because UPDD Test is showing touch data via the UPDD API interface and enabling standard mouse emulation.

This indicates that touch via UPDD Gestures is not working. The cause of this could be either...

  1. UPDD Gestures is not listed in the Accessibility dialog in which case it should be added.
  2. It is listed in which case it should be deleted and re-added.
    This is because the listed entry is for a different timestamped version of UPDD Gestures and therefore the one installed does not actually have permission (crazy!). Currently there in no way to programmatically remove entries in this dialog (during software install) hence the manual delete / reapply step!

No listed applications

User reported that touch would not work and no apps were listed in the Accessibility screen and + option would not work to add any applications:

We suggested running known commands in a terminal window  to try and resolve:

sudo tccutil reset Accessibility

Enter your administrator password when prompted.

This command should reset all settings relating to apps being given permission to use accessibility features.

If for some reason that doesn't work we suggested this command to reset everything:

tccutil reset All

We have found reports from other users that had the same problem as this and these commands did not resolve.

Our user need to do a full install of Mac OS to resolve so something was fundamental broken on his system.