Yeco is a touch solution for Ableton Live.

Follow these steps when using Yeco with UPDD.

  • When using the UPDD software you also need to run UPDD TUIO server and set the setting as shown below. TUIO can be installed as part of the driver installation (request this when ordering the driver) or downloaded from the UPDD V6 TUIO link above.

    In the UPDD TUIO settings it is important to turn off mouse emulation or else create an exception for Yeco.
  • Ensure the touch screen used to interact with Yeco is set to Interactive touch (a stationary touch will generate a right click). This is the default mode.
  • Launch Ableton Live
  • Launch Yeco and drag it over to the touch screen’s interface 
  • MAXIMIZE YECO! Using the little green button or whatever shortcut you use. This is very important.
    The TUIO and Yeco calculate the position and velocity of your touches in absolute values based on the entire screen, not relative values based on the size of the windowed application.