Registration errors

During the registration procedure (online or offline) there will need to a connection established with our license server.

Inevitably network issues can occur and the problem will either be your end or with our license server.

The error message should help identify where the error is occurring.

Error contacting registration server, please check your internet connection and try again

This error indicates the error is network related and may need to be genuinely tried at a later time, especially if all is OK with your general internet access.

We have also seen this error occur on sites that use a proxy server where outside access is being blocked.  If your system is behind a firewall or proxy setup that will prevent access to our license server and you would like to white list our license server the domain is, ip address If your system security procedures do not allow this you will have to use the offline option.

Invalid response from the registration server

This indicates that our server has been accessed and has sent an invalid response. If the problem persists please report the issues to and we will investigate.