upddenv script

In this document there is reference to script upddenv which is used to invoke UPDD utilities, specifically the command line utility.

This script is used because UPDD components use shared libraries. Given these libraries might conflict with files shared with other applications a private copy is used and these are not stored in the system library path ($LD_LIBRARY_PATH). The upddenv script prepares the environment for the current session only to include the path for such libraries. This allows an easy way to use UPDD Linux command line tools, especially our command line utility.

This example shows the basic use case:

cd /vendor/updd
./upddenv ./upddutils supported 
./upddenv ./upddutils devices

Hint, in some cases it can be useful to create a bourne shell with upddenv to avoid repeatedly entering upddenv or in cases where arguments not supported by upddenv must be passed. e.g.

cd /vendor/updd
./upddenv sh 
./upddutils devices
./upddutils get “*”