Distribution considerations

There are many different Linux distributions and their variants with many subtle differences.

As Linux distributions evolve they utilise new kernel releases, updated C and other development libraries, introduce different process startup methods etc that make it very difficult to create a generic driver that will work in all distributions.  Catering for different system architecture, X64, X86, ARM etc also brings its challenges.

With UPDD V6 we have tried to cater for as many of these differences as possible and have built intelligence into the installer to try and best determine the modules to install for any given Linux platform.

It is very difficult to categorically state what distributions UPDD V6 will support, especially with earlier releases, but in this document we describe some of the driver's requirements and show the distributions that are known to be OK and list any caveats.

Please let us know if you test the driver on a distribution not listed that works and we will update the known supported list.

Please select the platform below for specific requirements: