Remote Access

In some cases it is desirable to be able to remotely connect to a failing touch system to help investigate the problem. We prefer to use a remote access product called TeamViewer, available here.

There are others, such as Remotix and Splashtop.


We may ask you to use a specific version of the software.  If this is the case previous versions are available here.

You can install the full Teamviewer or the 'Quick support' version that offers very basic external connection capabilities.

To make the system available for remote control, ensure it is physically connected to the internet, install and run the Teamviewer application which will issue a unique session identifier which you need to pass on to the Touch-Base technician (via email,  Skype etc).

Using this code the technician can connect to and take control of the system.  At the time connection is established you will be asked to allow the connection to proceed.

You may need to be available to assist, the technician will let you know at the time, or you may wish to observer proceedings.