Stops working

Gesture icon disappears 

If the gesture menu bar item is enabled but ‘disappears’ from the menu bar and/or gestures stop working it is possible that the gesture program has crashed.  

If this is the case there should be a crash log located in the user-level library folder hence the ~ character) at the following path:
~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/UPDD Gestures_[timestamp]_[computerName].crash

Sometimes the Library folder is hidden, so you may need to do the following to open it:

  1. In the Finder pick the "Go to folder..." menu item in the "Go" menu, or press Command K.
  2.  Type in the following:

Beachball appears when selecting gesture icon

In this situation the gesture software has locked up. 

To help identify the problem we need both the Sample Process and Spindump that can be taken on the system at the time the gesture process is not responding.

You need to invoke the Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder, locate the UPDD Gestures entry (should be in red text and listed as not responding) and request the two logs and email the resultant output: