Uninstall procedure

Standard uninstall 

To uninstall, simply locate and select the UPDD entry in the Windows Program and Features (or equivalent in your Windows version): 

Manual uninstall

The Windows driver installation/uninstallation is based on the Inno installer.

The uninstall program can be located in the UPDD application folder at c:\program files (x86)\updd and is called unins000.exe.

The uninstall options that can be defined for this installer are shown here.

​For USB devices the driver will have a pending read on the USB device.  After uninstall this read will block any other drivers, such as the Windows HID, getting control of the device until a reboot.  In this case, go to the Device Manager and manually request a re-scan. This should allow HID to take control.
Note: There is a UPDD setting USB_timeout that will timeout this read every N seconds and then reissue the read. If this is set to non zero then the read will eventually clear such that HID will automatically take control after uninstall.  This is not set by default as it has caused an issue with some controllers.