Gesture log

To view the gestures being calculated by the gesture engine in real-time and the action being performed invoke the Show Gestures Log option in the menu bar.

The log also show various gesture engine output that can sometimes be useful when investigating issues reported with gestures.

For each “Detected gesture” there should be a corresponding “Effective gesture” indicating the gesture performed.

The example log above is from version 2.0.23 with additional logging information implemented to track down any reported occurrences where some "detected" gestures don't have an "effective" gesture. E.g. In the case of three finger drags and swipes, it should choose an "effective" gesture for one or the other every single time but we have had reported incidences of no effective gesture being selected. Should you experience this please send log output along with your support email.

A more detailed explanation follows of the log entries:

Detected gesture: *** ---> means the analysis detected a basic gesture, like three finger drag.

...Detected: *** ---> reveals new information from the analysis about the current gesture, e.g. the three finger drag is swiping left

Effective gesture: *** Performing action: *** ---> is which of the configurable gestures in the GUI is matched to the gesture from the analysis, and which action is being performed, e.g. it picks "three finger swipe left" instead of "three finger drag" and performs the appropriate action

Inoperative gesture: *** ---> is which of the configurable gestures could have been matched to the analysis but wasn't because of the user's settings, e.g. "three finger drag" because the effective gesture was "three finger swipe left"

(gesture ended) ---> means the analysis detected the end of a gesture