Menu Bar Item

Once invoked, and if enabled, a gesture menu bar icon indicates that the gesture application is loaded and running and and offers a number gesture related functions, including the option to quit gestures. The Menu Bar item can be optionally disabled and with some OEM versions of the gesture software making this the the default state so no Menu Bar item is shown. The Menu Bar item can be enabled / disabled as required in the gesture settings dialog.

Menu Bar icon

Load settings dialog
Show gesture log – displays calculated gesture in log file
View change history
Save and load gesture settings to / from a gesture profile file (.gpf)

Selects the Gesture interface, full gesture support, touch events + UPDD API or UPDD API only
Quit Gestures - removed in version 2.5.5 and above. Now manually requested as described here.

Menu Bar Icon setting

The visibility of the Gesture Menu Bar is dictated by the Gesture Setting 'gesture menu icon visible'.

This can be changed with the command line 'upddutils nodevice set "gesture menu icon visible" 0 - where 1 = visible, 0 = hidden.