TUIO Server

TUIO Server change history

No longer under development. Superseded by UPDD Commander.

Release 2.2.0, 2nd April 2019
- Can now dispatch TUIO events using WebSockets for use with the Touch-Base TUIO browser extension
- (macOS only) Fixed a crash triggered by switching applications

Release 2.1.2, 22nd October 2018
- Can now show and hide the system tray / menu bar icon using the UPDD API or upddutils

Release 2.1.1, 4th September 2018
- (macOS only) Fixed menu bar icon in macOS 10.14
- (macOS only) Hiding the cursor now requires Accessibility features in macOS 10.14
- (macOS only) Added button for enabling Accessibility in the settings dialog in macOS 10.14

Release 2.1.0, 2nd Dec 2017
- (macOS only) Converted app to always-on launch agent
- (macOS only) Fixed bug where sometimes not all its login items would be removed when uninstalling UPDD TUIO

Release 2.0.32, 5th July 2017
- Fixed bug where mirrored displays would be considered separate devices when "Divide X axis evenly between devices" is enabled
- System tray icon / menu bar icon no longer briefly appears after launching the app when it's configured to be hidden

Release 2.0.31, 12th June 2017
- (macOS only) Fixed bug where UPDD TUIO couldn't be open in more than one user account at the same time
- Fixed layout bug in settings dialog where some UI elements may be squished 

Release 2.0.30, 3rd November 2016
- Can now individually disable touch devices producing TUIO events
- "Divide X axis evenly between all the displays" changed to "Divide X axis evenly between the devices associated with a TUIO server" and can now be used regardless of "Each display has its own TUIO host and port" setting.
- Fixed bug where if the UPDD driver restarts it could cause UPDD TUIO to quit

Release 2.0.29, 11th October 2016
- Fixed bug where UPDD styluses could be erroneously reported as one TUIO cursor for certain devices that rely on hidreportId or usbInterface
- Updated to latest version of v6 UPDD API

Release 2.0.28, 19th September 2016

- (Windows only) Fixed bug where opening a second instance UPDD Gestures would not cause the Settings window to open right after installing the UPDD
- Updated to latest version of v6 UPDD API

Release 2.0.27, 19th August 2016

- (OS X only) Added option for starting UPDD TUIO at login for all user accounts
- (Internal use only) Adds and removes login items during UPDD installation and uninstallation

Release 2.0.26, 26th July 2016

- Fixed crash that can occur when launching UPDD TUIO right after the UPDD is finished installing

Release 2.0.25, 26th July 2016

- Fixed bug where the wrong monitor may be associated with a UPDD device 

Release 2.0.24, 12th July 2016

- Brought back mouse emulation settings for UPDD v6
- Fixed bug where "Divide X axis evenly between all the displays" would report incorrect coordinates when touch devices are recalibrated or the monitor arrangement changes

Release 2.0.23, 9th July 2016

- (Windows only) Settings dialog and change history window now has task bar icon
- (Windows only) Updated to work with the latest version of UPDD version 6
- Settings dialog is modeless and should always appear in front of other windows when invoked

Release 2.0.22, 4th July 2016

- (Windows only) Fixed outdated information in exe's details
- (Windows only) Updated to work with the latest version of UPDD version 6 

Release 2.0.21, 2nd July 2016

- Fixed bug with UPDD v6 where disconnected devices would still be considered when "Divide X axis evenly between all the displays" is enabled. 

Release 2.0.20, 27th June 2016

- Updated to work with the latest version of UPDD version 6
- Fixed tab order in the settings dialog

Release 2.0.19, 27th May 2016

- Updated to work with the latest version of UPDD version 6
- Fixed bug where the status text in the system tray / menu bar icon would not be up to date

Release 2.0.18, 12th April 2016

- Updated to work with UPDD version 6.0
- Launches and displays in the system tray / menu bar before connecting to the UPDD. A '!' displayed over the icon indicates there is no connection.

Release 2.0.17, 26th December 2015

- Fixed formatting issues with the command line help text
- (Linux only) Fixed dependancy issues in Ubuntu 14.04
- (OS X only) Can now run in OS X 10.6 again
- (Windows only) Fixed bug where system tray icon would not disappear after quitting

Release 2.0.16, 4th September 2015

- When dividing up the X axis, the section each device uses is determined by its corresponding monitor's left-to-right order
- Fixed bug where multiple TUIO devices using the same host and port would interfere with each other when each had touches occurring simulatenously

Release 2.0.15, 30th August 2015

- Added setting for dividing up the X axis of TUIO points evenly among all devices

Release 2.0.14, 17th August 2015

- Fixed crash when showing the Settings window when there is no menu bar icon / system tray icon

Release 2.0.13, 17th August 2015

- Updated to work with UPDD 05.01.1415 and later
- Updated version check to make sure UPDD 05.01.1415 or later is installed
- Added check box in the settings dialog for configuring whether the app should have a system tray / menu bar icon
- Can now only have one instance of UPDD TUIO running. Launching a second instance will cause the first instance to open its settings dialog
- Added command line argument (-I / --force-icon) for forcing UPDD TUIO to have a system tray / menu bar icon
- Fixed bug that caused a spurious warning about a thread being destroyed while it was still running to be printed when the app exits
- (OS X only) Opening UPDD TUIO's Finder icon will cause its settings dialog to open
- (OS X only) Fixed bug where change history window would appear behind other open windows

Release 2.0.12, 31st July 2015

- Processing all data from the UPDD in a separate thread from the one used by the UPDD in order to prevent the app or driver from locking up or crashing

Release 2.0.11 - 17th March, 2015

- Updated to work with UPDD 5.01.1395 and later
- Updated version check to make sure UPDD 5.01.1395 or later is installed
- (OS X only) Fixed appearance of menu bar icon when menu bar is dark in OS X 10.10 and later

Release 2.0.10 - 17th March, 2015

- Updated to work with UPDD 5.01.1269 and later
- Added check to make sure UPDD 5.01.1269 or later is installed 

Release 2.0.9 - 15th December, 2014

- Fixed crash that can occur when changing the frontmost application 

Release 2.0.8 - 9th December, 2014

- (Linux only) Fixed bug where UPDD TUIO would crash after being open for three minutes in some Linux distros 

Release 2.0.7 - 23 Februrary, 2014

- (OS X only) Settings window now remembers "Hide mouse cursor during touches" setting
- (OS X only) When "Hide mouse cursor" is enabled, cursor is no longer shown when a touch is released while mouse emulation is on 

Release 2.0.6 - 19 January, 2014

- Can now configure different hosts and ports for each display
- Fixed crash when TUIO server fails to initialize properly
- Built using Qt 5 

Release 2.0.5 - 11 September, 2013

- (OS X only) Now works when running simultaneously under different user accounts 

Release 2.0.4 - 29 April, 2013

- Reported TUIO frame IDs now increment correctly
- Fixed TUIO velocity data
- Added "Change History" window 

Release 2.0.3 - 22 April, 2013

- Improved timing of TUIO packets
- TUIO packets now contain timestamps
- Added option for sending TUIO packets at same rate as the UPDD
- Disables during UPDD calibration
- Reestablishes connection to UPDD when it is lost
- Various minor fixes

Release 2.0.2 - 17 February, 2013

- No longer interferes with UPDD Gestures (OS X only)
- Correctly receives touches from display with rotation 

Release 2.0.1 - 21 January, 2013

- Added "Uninstall" button 

Release 2.0.0 - 26 December, 2012

- Name changed to UPDD TUIO
- All settings configurable in "Settings" dialog