Known App Issues

This document describes known touch / gesture issues with popular applications:

Application Known Issue
Powerpoint A customer reported a strange issue with 'Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac - Version 15.40 (171108)  Copyright 2017' when using touch.

By default PowerPoint hides the cursor after a period of inactivity (3 seconds) and the next touch is performed at the point of the hidden cursor and not at the point of touch. If, prior to touching the screen, the cursor is made visable (by using a trackpad or mouse) the touch is triggered as the correct location.

In PPT, the keyboard sequence 'Command A' can be used to disable the cursor being hidden and in this case the touch works as expected.

We think there is a fundamental issue here in that PowerPoint responds to mouse events strangely.

When it makes the mouse cursor disappear, it will assume that the next click occurs at whatever position the cursor was last visible. In normal use, using the mouse or trackpad will make the cursor become visible before the next click so this issue would not be seen, but with UPDD + UPDD Gestures, the cursor is moved instantaneously to the point of touch and the click is performed immediately. In this sequences of events the cursor is still hidden at that point and PowerPoint registers the click at the wrong (last cursor visible) location.

Following further investigation we discovered that a mouse movement also enabled the cursor such that a subsequent touch would be correctly processed at the point of touch.

We now have a new gesture setting 'gesture mouse wiggle duration' that when set (1) will move the cursor to video location 0,0 and wiggle the mouse prior to generating the click at the point of touch. This can be set with the command upddutils nodevice set "gesture mouse wiggle duration" 1
 SketchUp It appears that SketchUp does not support the "zoom in and out" or "rotate" gesture actions, including when performed with an Apple trackpad. Since UPDD Gestures simulates performing those gestures with an Apple trackpad, it can only work on applications that support Apple's gestures hence these gestures do not work in this application (as tested Aug 2018).