Unity Games Development

We've played around with Unity development and found that it wasn't hard to get touches working using our driver and TUIO server.

Unity does not support TUIO touches on its own, so you will also need to use a third party asset.

Here are the steps to get it working:

  1. Download, install and run UPDD TUIO.

  2. Go into the Unity asset store, and add "TouchScript" to your project (if you are not already using it!)
    This is a free asset that adds a variety of multi-touch functionality to Unity, including reading touches from TUIO. There may be other assets that support TUIO, but it looks like this one is the best.

  3. To make sure it's working, open one of the test scenes it provides in the TouchScript / Examples folder, such as "RawInput"
    Before these scenes will work, you must enable TUIO:
  • Pick the menu Window > TouchScript > Settings and make sure "Enable TUIO" is checked
  • In the scene hierarchy, select TouchManager, and add the component "TUIO Input" to it.

You should now be able to play the scene and see it react to your touches.