Controller configuration

UPDD V6 is designed to automatically support HID compatible devices.  With an HID device it reads the controller configuration from the HID Report Descriptor held within the device and interprets the information held within.  This indicates the X and Y co-ordinate range, touch data format, number of stylus etc.

If a device is known not to be HID compatible, which will be the case for older USB devices, these settings can be manually configured such that the driver uses the pre-configured settings and does not try to read config data from the controller.  In some rare cases we may pre-configure these settings even with HID compatible devices if there is known to be an issue with the stored config data.

If testing a driver with an HID device and the device is listed in the status dialog and yet touch is not working then we need to see the configuration data held in the controller so we can determine if it is correct or if it is different to that expected.

The UPDD command upddutils diag dumphid dumps the hid descriptor to a desktop file in the format updd_[vid]_[pid].hid.

If requested, please run this command and send the .hid file for further analysis.