Mouse events

Programmers reported that when using Gestures, the initial touch does not trigger MouseDown code within their application. Further investigation showed that if gestures was to invoke a mouse down on touch then there's no way to "cancel" a mouse down if a single touch ends up being a gesture without causing a click at the point of touch. Clicking at the point of touch, when performing, say a scroll, could cause highly irritating and confusing situations to occur -- all sorts of things on the screen will end up being unintentionally clicked! This is why Gestures withholds any mouse events until it's determined what gesture is being performed and hence a mouse down event will not immediately be triggered.

It is our recommendation that a developer should use the system-wide touch events that Gestures generates (rather than mouse events) to cause a ‘mouse down’ event when a touch is occurring. These touch events are delivered as soon as a touch occurs, so there's no delay, and they won't trigger the button to be clicked at inappropriate times.

Posted 4 Years Ago, Updated 4 Years Ago