Installation and running the gesture software

In most cases the gesture software will be installed as part of the driver installation. When the gesture software is installed as part of the driver installation start up items are created for all user accounts so that gestures will be running when switching users.

Gesture version 2.6.0, Dec 2017 implemented a 'launch agent' version of the gesture program. If you have gesture version 2.6.0 (see Menu Bar Item, change history for version details)  or above you can update to the latest by downloading the gesture .zip here and expand the compressed file to create the application file ‘UPDD Gestures’.

This works with UPDD driver version 6.

The gesture application file must be moved to the UPDD application folder '/library/application support/updd'. The driver uninstaller will only uninstall gestures if it is held at this location. For convenience you should also create a shortcut to gestures in the standard Utilities folder if it does not already exist.

Simply click on the application to run gestures. When running, a gesture menu bar item, if enabled, will be shown in the menu bar

If this is enabled but does not appear see the troubleshooting section below.

If the menu bar item is disabled but the gesture software is loaded then running the gesture software again will invoke the gesture settings dialog.

Important installation notes:

1. Retain original name
If you have previously downloaded and expanded the gesture software and the original file still exists in your download folder then the new file will have a number appended to the name, e.g. UPDD Gestures If this is the case please ensure that when moved to the Utilities folder the app is renamed back to UPDD

2. Automatically installed with driver
Note that some UPDD driver installs will automatically install the gesture software and create a startup item to invoke the software at user logon. The installer will create a global start up item for all user accounts – not just the foremost user account.

3. Invoking gesture software at startup
The easiest way to get UPDD Gestures to start at boot is the following:

o Enable via the Gesture GUI
   1. Invoke the Gesture GUI via the Gesture Menu item, Settings entry.
   2. Select the Other Settings dialog
   3. Check the ‘Start UPDD Gestures at login’ or “Start at login for all users” option:

The “all users” option will create a gesture startup item for all current and future users.
Note – this is the default setting for Gestures that are installed as part of the driver installation, see Note 3 above.


o Manually set up a start up item
   1. Open System Preferences (in the Apple menu)
   2. In the System Preferences window, select "Users & Groups"
   3. Select the "Login Items" section
   4. Add "Open me to start UPDD Gestures" to the login items.
   (You can drag its icon onto the list, or click the "+" button and add it using a file browser dialog.).

/library/application support/updd
/library/application support/updd
/library/application support/updd