Settings specific

User adjustable setting are held in a setting file updd.db.

This article describes in greater detail the Get, Remove, Set and SetAll commands used to manipulate these settings via the UPDD command line utility.

Setting are either global 'nodevice' or device 'device n' specific.

Get command

This command is used to retrieve and display the settings in the settings file for a given device or global settings.


Global: 'upddutils nodevice get [setting]/"*".  Note "*" retrieves all global settings.  Windows can use * only if preferred without the quotes.

Device: 'upddutils [device n] get setting/"*".   Note "*" retrieves all device settings. Windows can use * only if preferred without the quotes. Default is Device 1 unless device handle is specified.

Remove command

This command is used to remove a setting from the settings file:

upddutils [nodevice] remove [setting]

Set command

This command is used to update a setting for a given device:

Format 'upddutils [nodevice] set [setting] [value]'.

SetAll command

This command is used to create a custom setting that overrides the default value:

Format 'upddutils [nodevice] setall [setting] [value]'.

As discussed in the settings section settings are defined in various sources and the vast majority are fixed or set to optimum values, or maintained by the utility programs, and therefore are unlikely to need 'manually' changing. However, in some circumstances it may be required to override the fixed or default settings and the setall command can be used to create a setting in the setting file that will be used instead of the original setting, whatever the source.

Multi line settings

UPDD 6.0.392 and above has new commands to manage multi line settings as used within the UPDD toip function.

set+ will append a line to a multi line setting 
set- will remove all occurrences of the specified value from the mult line setting 


  • The value test is case sensitive; set- <value> GREEN will not remove the value “green”
  • A value has to define the whole line to remove; set- <value> green will not remove the line “green grass” 
  • Duplicate values are allowed 
  • set- for a non-existent value is not treated as an error.