Other settings

This dialog is used to define non gesture specific (other!) setting that relates to the gesture software.


Gesture Detection sensitivity
Sets the sensitivity of the gesture recognition. Gesture sensitivity determines how much movement must occur in general before UPDD Gestures has decided on which gesture is being performed. In general, more movement yields more accurate detection but will decrease responsiveness. If gestures are being miscalculated try improving the accuracy. If recognition is too slow set for more responsiveness.

TUIO settings
Held under the ‘Other Settings’ tab these settings relate to the TUIO server (receive touch data from) and client (send touch data to) interface.

Pressure settings
Shown for pressure devices. Can be used to calibrate pressure range.

• Define browser applications
​Customer reported that these settings interfered with their browser based javascript application and prevented double clicks. All was well once the application was removed from this.

• Define painting 'type' applications             

Specialsed settings
Hopefully these self-explanatory settings are use to:
• Invoke the onscreen keyboard

• Start gestures at login (removed since version 2.5.5 as gestures is now run as a launch agent for all user accounts)

​• Pass touches to the iOS simulator
• Emulate Tablet input (inking)
• Disable mouse cursor during touches
• Return mouse cursor after gesture
• Disable multi-touch gestures
• Enable / disable Menu Bar icon