Command Line Interface

Version 6 of the driver includes a command line user interface called upddutils.

The utility can be used to list system and driver configurations and manipulate driver and device settings.

The user interface program exports this interface using the following syntax:

OS Syntax
Windows Run the following commands from within a Windows Command Prompt
cd c:\program files (x86)\updd
upddutils {parameter}
Note: Entering the commands from a Windows command line would be upddutils “{parameters}”
Mac OS X Run upddutils {parameter} from within a MacOS terminal window
Run upddutils {parameter} from within a Bash Shell

In Linux the correct environment must be set up to run the command line and the upddenv script is supplied to achieve this. We recommend that you use this script to invoke the Linux shell and then run the command rather than running the command using the script, e.g. ./upddenv ./upddutils {parameter} as this does not cater for parameters that have spaces.

Running upddutils without passing a parameter lists the command syntax and the available commands in the version you are running!

This list is taken from 6.0.166.


  1. Output is directed to the console (stderr / stdout) allowing for scripted automation.
  2. Success is indicated by rc=0, error is rc= -1.
  3. When an error occurs a meaningful message is directed to the console (stderr).
  4. Passed parameters are checked for correct syntax.